Wayne’s Wax company also provides various exterior maintenance services. Restoration and waxing on both painted and gel coat surfaces, glass (tempered, Lexan, Plexi and acrylic) UV protective coatings. Teak decks cleaning and maintenance, Stainless Steel rails and anchor pockets, etc. Please go to our Facebook page and check out how we could make your boat look!


Wayne’s Wax™ was established after many years of development in the U.S. and around the world. Our Roll-Tech™ exterior maintenance process provides protective coatings far superior to anything else currently on the market! Wayne’s Wax specialized Roll-Tech application technology allows polymer sealants to be applied in an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way.

Wayne’s Wax covalent amino functioning polymer sealants make it possible for a dedicated staff/company to complete an application quickly and efficiently. Wayne’s Wax Roll-Tech sealant is engineered for minimum friction, easy clean-up, maximum durability, high UV protection and remarkable luster.

Wayne’s Wax technology is on the cutting edge of the exterior maintenance industry. Using Wayne’s Wax Roll-Tech technology offers companies increased productivity and will dramatically reduce maintenance costs for customers who want only the best.