Even a 2,900 lb Mini Cooper will not damage the pontoon!
Even a 2,900 lb Mini Cooper will not damage the pontoon!

Wayne’s Wax Pontoon

Introduction and Prices

Wayne’s Wax 2nd generation pontoon is the perfect marine working platform that allows you to work safely and efficiently on the hull of any boat. Wayne’s Wax is still using the 1st generation pontoons that are now going on to 6 years old and have been pushed to the extreme!

Pontoon layers construction
The pontoon is made with a light and durable, dot pattern – 1000D (high tensile) poly
ester with a tensile strength of 3600 x 4100 (+/- 300) @
 20cm and adhesion strength of 4100 x 2800 (+/-*300) and 28 x 26 thread /inch and thickness of 0.9mm.

This Wayne’s Wax pontoon has a non-skid EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer) padded foam top layer that helps keep the surface temperature down. The EVA ridges cause accumulated water to run off efficiently and provide unparalleled comfort, exceptional pro-tection and traction (even when wet). The soft durable foam material is shockproof, resistant to tension and comfortable to work on.

The pontoon has rubber side and bottom protectors to ensure protection for the pontoon, even when dragging it up on a dock. The fenders keep the pontoon away from the boat while working on the boot-stripe. Fenders can be placed anywhere from two to six locations on the pontoon. Or they can be removed altogether as needed. Heavy-duty D-rings allow the pontoon to be secured to the boat. Also, you can easily join more pontoons end-to-end and side-to-side to extend the working surface.

Wide pontoon with boat brush & chamois mop

Dimensions of larger pontoon
Without fenders: 15 feet long by 6 feet 3 inches wide.
With fenders: 15 feet long by 7 feet 11 inches wide

Wayne's Wax- Marine Exterior Maintenance Specialist
Narrow pontoon

Dimensions of narrow pontoon
Without fenders: 15 feet long by 3 feet 3 inches wide.
With fenders: 15 feet long by 5 feet wide (Designed to go between the boat and the dock)

Accessories Included with Purchase

Pontoon accessory storage box for large or or small pontoon

Pontoon accessory storage box

2 tie straps.

pontoon tie straps

Fender pump

Pontoon fender pump

2x20ft by 3/8-inch double braided nylon line.

braided line

2 white rope cleats.

White rope cleats

1 air pump / hose attachments (including two extra connector ends)

Pontoon air pump with attachments

Storage box with attached brush holder and 2 rubber bungee chords.

∗ optional for smaller pontoon
Two pontoon fenders

2 Fenders (including center straps and D-ring connectors)

More fenders are available if required.


Large pontoon (Standard grey and black)$2500.00
Air freight / delivery / training$500.00
Total for large pontoon (tax not included)$3000.00
Optional color change & logo added+ $500.00
Small pontoon (Standard grey and black)$2000.00
Air freight / delivery / training$450.00
Total for small pontoon (tax not included)$2450.00
Optional color change & logo added+ $500.00


















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