Wayne’s Wax™ Theme and Amusement Parks Exterior Maintenance System was developed after understanding the needs of an industry and it’s never ending battle with the elements. Wayne’s Wax was originally developed for the Marine and Aviation industries and is now available for Themes and Amusement Parks. Our process provides an exterior maintenance system far superior to anything else currently on the market! Wayne’s Wax™ specialized application technology and covalent bonding formulas allows a dedicated team to apply Wayne’s Wax™ in an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly method.

Wayne’s Wax™ is engineered for minimum friction, maximum durability, high UV protection and luster. Wayne’s Wax™ technology is on the cutting edge of the Theme and Amusement Park maintenance industry. Using Wayne’s Wax™ technology will give owners and staff increased efficiency and will dramatically reduce overall maintenance costs.

Efficiency and technology have finally come together!

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A Word from the Founder

I have spent thousands of hours in the U.S.A. and around the world developing my craft in various exterior maintenance industries. Wayne’s Wax™ has evolved directly from that experience and knowledge. Wayne’s Wax™ technology will change the way the Theme and Amusement industry maintain their parks!

I have not re-invented the wheel. However, I have developed a system and technology that will change the way we do things! I am a great believer that things never remain the same and change is inevitable! Wayne’s Wax™ is a testimony to that.

Wayne Day Doyle
Company Founder/CEO

What Makes Wayne’s Wax So Unique?

The application process features a unique Nano Flow Roller / Spray Tip that allows rapid application in a highly controlled format. The Nano Flow Roller / Spray Tip allows the precise amount of viscosity in the exact thickness required for the application. After the treatment has adhered to the surface, a white residual is left behind and then removed after curing to a powder form. By using a Hepa filter equipped portable removal system with Tear Down technology removal heads. The technology features the unique characteristics of being extremely easy to apply and remove, as well as being exceptionally durable. It is compatible with all painted, gel-coat, fiberglass and aluminum finishes.

The portable application unit is designed to be used for the rapid application of our unique formula. It is applied in a typical rolling on, or sprayed over the surface of the area being applied. This system greatly reduces labor costs vs. the labor-intensive traditional method of park maintenance. Our system eliminates most of the solid waste associated with the application, to just a small amount of dust particles that are collected and disposed of.

Wayne’s Wax™ is superior in application and removal efficiency compared to other conventional waxing systems; it leaves the surface with a beautiful finish and ultimate protection! You can feel the difference! Wayne’s Wax™ advanced technology allows its application in weather and temperature extremes that other systems are not recommended for, thus making the application more flexible and convenient.

Why Wayne’s Wax Works

Wayne’s Wax™ specially formulated polymer and carnauba-based treatment transforms from a paste state (at a controlled temperature and pressure) to a liquid state. When the formula is applied to the surface, the covalent bonding formula adheres to the microscopic pores of the surface being protected. After it has dried, the residue is then removed. Conventional products have a tendency to adhere in all the wrong places and must be removed with extreme time and effort. Wayne’s Wax™ is designed to eliminate this problem, thereby reducing overall effort with no compromise in protection.

Wayne’s Wax™ application method greatly reduces the time and effort required to apply the treatment with the additional benefit of reducing maintenance costs. Over time, Theme and Amusement park owners will see greatly reduced manpower, maintenance time and supplies. Owners will also see higher resale values by maintaining their ride, signage, kiosks, etc., with Wayne’s Wax™!

Exposure to sunlight, (ultraviolet radiation) moisture and heat are the major factors affecting the durability of gel-coat and painted surfaces. Wayne’s Wax™ uses ultraviolet absorbers and stabilizers that increase resistance to exposure and sunlight.

Why Use Wayne’s Wax

  • Wayne’s Wax™ application technology is fast and efficient, allowing deadlines to be met.
  • Wayne’s Wax™ can be left on overnight and can be removed the following day or days later.
  • During Wayne’s Wax™ application it is not affected by weather inconveniences such as heat, morning dew or even rain.
  • Wayne’s Wax uses ultraviolet absorbers and stabilizers that increase resistance to exposure (Moisture and heat) and the sun. (Ultraviolet radiation).
  • Wayne’s Wax™ system has virtually no impact on the environment. No over spray, no dust, no pile of dirty towels at the end of the day.
  • No Theme and Amusement Park ride is too big to maintain with Wayne’s Wax™.
  • Wayne’s Wax™ can greatly reduce costly re-spraying maintenance, by extending the exterior life of your vehicle.
  • Reduce the time you or your staff spend cleaning after protecting it with Wayne’s Wax™.
  • Add “First Impression” value to your Theme and Amusement Park by reducing the “Fear Factor” associated with dirty and unmaintained rides because they will always look spectacular!

Great Savings with Wayne’s Wax!

Let’s face it; Due to oxidation, most Theme and Amusement park rides, need to be re-painted regularly at a substantial cost! What if Wayne’s Wax™ could save money by greatly increasing the exterior service life?

There has never been a greater need for a product that reduces labor cost, lowers energy needs, extends service life, and improves image and even resale value!

Wayne’s Wax Superior Longevity

After the surface has been treated with Wayne’s Wax™ and cleaned with Wayne’s Wax™ Multi-layer wash every two/three weeks! Wayne’s Wax™ will last several months. Apply Wayne’s Wax™ twice a year (every 6* months) and this will ensure all the great benefits that Wayne’s Wax™ has to offer!

* 3 times a year (Every 4 months) for Tropical/Hot Climates.

Wayne’s Wax Multi-Layer Marine Wash

Wayne’s Wax™ biodegradable Multi-layer Wash was developed exclusively for use with Wayne’s Wax™. Multi-Layer means just that, it provides a polymer UV protective barrier over the top of the applied Wayne’s Wax™, which enhances protection while cleaning! The more you clean the more protection you get! This innovative technology uses polymer-layering technology that gives amazing results!

Not only does it clean beautifully and give great UV protection, this covalent bonding formula resists and repels minerals in hard water water that cause staining and spotting. It also protects and repels oil based residues, “pollution” and bird droppings. When used regularly, it makes cleaning much easier while extending the life of Wayne’s Wax and ultimately the exterior.

It is also very economical, using just 1 ounce per gallon / 29 milliliters per 4 liters. Curing time for the multi-Layer is one to two hours depending on the temperature. (All rids can be used during curing time, with no adverse effect).

*Due to the natural effects of evaporation, Wayne’s Wax™ recommends, never use Multi-Layer directly in the sun from 11am ~ 4 pm. (Unless on overcast days).


With the increase in EPA regulations, owners and staff are facing the inevitable increase in exterior maintenance restrictions, on what can be done and where it can happen. Wayne’s Wax™ technology minimizes the headache of these increasing restrictions by allowing staff to work in environmentally sensitive areas, with virtually no dust or waste residue!

Maintenance / Staff Training

After you have purchased a system, our technicians will train your staff on how to protect your rides/investments. We want to show you how much money can be saved by using Wayne’s Wax™ technology!


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