Wayne’s Wax™ Theme and Amusement Parks Exterior Maintenance System was developed after understanding the needs of an industry and it’s never ending battle with the elements. Wayne’s Wax was originally developed for the Marine and Aviation industries and is now available for Themes and Amusement Parks. Our process provides an exterior maintenance system far superior to anything else currently on the market! Wayne’s Wax™ specialized application technology and covalent bonding formulas allows a dedicated team to apply Wayne’s Wax™ in an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly method.

Wayne’s Wax™ is engineered for minimum friction, maximum durability, high UV protection and luster. Wayne’s Wax™ technology is on the cutting edge of the Theme and Amusement Park maintenance industry. Using Wayne’s Wax™ technology will give owners and staff increased efficiency and will dramatically reduce overall maintenance costs.

Efficiency and technology have finally come together!

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