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Wayne’s Wax, the Superyacht Exterior Maintenance Specialists

What if the captain told the owner of a Superyacht, “I’ve found a new way to dramatically reduce exterior maintenance cost, provide excellent protection from the elements, and keep your yacht looking beautiful all year round.”?

Welcome to Wayne’s Wax. We will show you how!

As owners and captains of Superyachts know, it is essential to routinely wax and maintain the exterior of these multimillion dollar investments. Why pay a detailer exorbitant rates to wax your Superyacht when you already have a crew on the payroll? Your crew will be eager to discover an easier and more efficient way to protect the boat’s finish and to keep it looking great at all times!

Check out the great benefits Wayne’s Wax has to offer!

Wayne’s Wax Roll-Tech Marine Wax
Wayne’s Wax Roll-Tech Marine Wax
Boat Yard Blues
Boat Yard Blues
Tropical Protector
Tropical Protector
Coast to Coast Shipping Solution
Coast to Coast Shipping Solution
Coast to Coast Exhaust Generator Protector
Coast to Coast Exhaust Generator Protector

Wax Sealant to Be Applied by Boat’s Crew or Day Workers

Compare to what you’ve been paying for a detailer and see the savings add up.

Want a 10% discount?
Length Crew Members Needed Systems Provided Days to Complete Cost for Rental of Wayne’s Wax Application
Systems, Supervision and Quality Control,
5 Hours of Crew Training,
5 Gallons of Wayne’s Wax Multi-Layer Marine Wash*
80-100 ft. 2 1 4-5 $2,350
101-120 ft. 2-3 1-2 6-8 $4,290
121-150 ft. 3-4 2 7-9 $8,925
151-200 ft. 4-5 3 8-10 $11,550
201-250 ft. 5-6 3 9-11 $14,950
251-300 ft. 6-7 3 10-12 $17,250

Of course we’ll be happy to provide full service for those who prefer that. Just contact your Wayne’s Wax representative to discuss the particulars and set a date for service.

Wayne’s Wax Will Assist You Every Step of the Way

A Wayne’s Wax technician will inspect your Superyacht to determine how many workers will be needed, what systems will be provided and number of days for completion of work. A working technician/supervisor will be on the vessel during the entire process.

Once the initial job is done, regular use of Wayne’s Wax Multi-Layer Marine Wash will enable you to easily clean and maintain your Superyacht exterior.

Please note: Floating pontoons for hull waxing will be supplied by Wayne’s Wax. Any buffing/polishing service that may be needed before waxing will be subject to an additional charge.

The cost of materials is only an additional 20%.

What You Can Expect from Wayne’s Wax Service

  • After your initial meeting and inspection, our technician will give you a written agenda with guidance on how to proceed to the next step. That technician will work with you from start to finish.
  • We’ll take care of system delivery before and pick up after completion.
  • We will provide training for your crew on the proper method of Wayne’s Wax application.
  • We’ll also train your crew on how to handle post-cleaning and routine maintenance.
  • *With every new cycle, you will receive a gift of 5 gallons (1 pail) of Wayne’s Wax Multi-Layer Marine Wash.
  • From the moment we start until the end of the process, we promise our clients a superior product and service for their Superyachts.
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or email, wayne@wayneswax.com.

Cost Calculator
Yacht length:
Superyacht system rental
and technical support:
Materials cost (20%):

Want a further 10% discount?

Wayne’s Wax will hang a banner 6 x 6 feet on the port and starboard sides of the boat. (For the waxing duration only); LIKE us on Wayne’s Wax Wax Facebook page and post a testimonial; Wayne’s Wax will make a short Smartphone video to post on the Wayne’s Wax website, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages (Name of boat will not be shown).