Marine Transport

Keep Your Customers Happy and Increase Your Revenue with Wayne’s Wax Polymer Coating!

Your customers rely on you to get their yachts from point A to point B with no damage in transport.

Wayne’s Wax Coast to Coast Marine Transport Coating (covalent amino functioning polymer sealant) is on the cutting edge of the exterior maintenance industry. It is easy to apply and just as easy to remove.

This durable sealant is engineered to protect against ultraviolet damage, salt, pollution and shipping exhaust residue. You will be pleased to find that you will be able to easily apply the Coast to Coast polymer and then to quickly remove the dry protective residue when you reach the final destination. Just wipe off and rinse with water. Note: That dry protective residue will resemble white soot after application. Simply wipe it off and rinse with water and you’re done!

Coast to Coast answers the question, “What is the best and most efficient way to protect any vessel during transit?”

Coast to Coast – Service to benefit your customers while saving you time and money.

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