Wayne’s Wax Earn-Money-for-Referrals Program


Welcome to the Wayne’s Wax™, Earn-Money-for-Referrals Program! It is very simple. Just give us contact information for Superyachts that you think would benefit from Wayne’s Wax protection to earn a 5% commission every time that boat is waxed. $$$


Sign up on the link below. Once your information has been verified, you will receive an email telling you how to register and enter the referral information that will lead to your 5% commission.


Providing your referral is the first one for a particular boat and Wayne’s Wax gets the system rental contract and completes the job, you will receive a 5% commission every time the Superyacht you referred rents the system again! Remember, a Superyacht is generally waxed three times a year! The commissions are based on the following table:

Length Cost for Rental of Wayne’s Wax Application (after 10% discount) 5% Referral Commission Every Time the Boat Is Waxed
80-100 ft. $2,115.00 $105.75
101-120 ft. $3,861.00 $193.05
121-150 ft. $8,032.50 $401.63
151-200 ft. $10,395.00 $519.75
201-250 ft. $13,455.00 $672.75
251-300 ft. $15,525.00 $776.25
This graph applies to Low Cost – High Gloss. A 5% referral commission also applies to any of Wayne’s Wax services.



Q. How long does it take to be paid?
A. You should receive a check within 7 to10 business days after completion of contract. (Slightly longer for non-U.S. residents.)

Q. How long does a referral last once I have entered it on the Wayne’s Wax website?
A. You will receive the 5% every time Wayne’s Wax works on the Superyacht! Indefinitely!!!

Q. Can two people have a referral on the same boat?
A. No

Q. What if two people talk to the same boat? Who is entitled to the commission?
A. The first person who gets the lead for Wayne’s Wax and enters the boat in the referral program will be entitled to the commission.

Q. Can I just enter any boat on the referral program without having any direct contact with the boat?
A. This program applies only to people who have made direct contact with the boat’s owner, captain or first mate and have created a usable lead for Wayne’s Wax to follow up.